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Sports have become the life blood of our society ranging from youth sports leagues to professional leagues for just about every sport and level of athlete. Soccer Player
This is demonstrated by the growth the major professional leagues to multibillion dollar industries, as well as the willingness of millions of parents of young athletes to pay thousands of dollars a year to participate in youth competitive leagues.

As athletics has grown, so has Sports Medicine. The need for quality information on sports injury, strength and conditioning programming, injury prevention techniques, rehabilitation methods, and high-end facilities has become extremely high over the past two decades.

"The Competitive Edge"

Football PlayerAs with anything, knowledge is key. Athletes and coaches are always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition while avoiding injuries. 

With a basic understanding of how the body works, one can begin to understand the concepts of speed training, jump training, lateral speed and agility, injury prevention, metabolic training, and injury rehabilitation.

Maximum Training Solution, LLC is a sports medicine consulting firm dedicated to furthering the knowledge of athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal trainers, and anyone else dedicated to the performance and well-being of athletes of all ages and levels.

"Exceed Your Limits"

EXSpeed LogoSeveral years ago, Maximum Training Solutions, LLC introduced the EXSpeed™ high speed treadmill speed training program. EXSpeed™ is a comprehensive tool for training athletes in speed and power sports. 

It is truly a unique tool to the industry, as it focuses on the individual needs of each athlete and is the only program commercially available that accounts for the metabolic demands of each athlete. EXSpeed™, together with Woodway┬« treadmills and Zephyr testing equipment, you can train athletes of all ages and levels to be quicker, faster, and more explosive for their sport.

"Information You Can Use"

Get the sports medicine information you need from some of the best professionals in the business.  

This month's featured article:

"The Effectiveness of Combining Vibration and High Speed Treadmill Training within an 8-week Speed and Power Program for High School Athletes"

Mitch Hauschildt, MA, ATC, CSCS and Rich Wilkie of Andover High School explain how the addition of vibration training to the EXSpeed™ PRO training program makes for a unique and powerful training tool.

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